Monday, September 21, 2009

black and pink argyle

[ backlog May 21, 2009 ]

So I thought I'd mix it up by NOT posting a french manicure-ish style. As I was looking at which backlogged nail set to post, I realized about 80% of my styles are french manicure-like. I think it's because I can wear super bright colors in small amounts that way. :)

So this set was inspired by a set I saw in a previous Nail Up Magazine. I lent them to Marissa so I don't have it on me. But it's the one before the 30th anniversary one and it's full of argyle and plaid styles. Super cute!! The one I saw in the mag was base colored yellow with pink and white argyle, I think. But I like baby pink with black and white :D so that's what I did!

duration: 45 mins (the diamonds took a while.. I need to find a better way to do them)

▪ I liked this one a lot b/c of the color combo
▪ I don't remember what the base color is! It's a pale pink but I think I mixed 2 colors. or put one deeper pink as a primary color coat then put a ligher/frostier pink on top... maybe? haha~ but I like that you can use pretty much any color as the base color and still match a black and white argyle design :D

▪ 1 coat Orly Bonder
▪ 2 coats of a baby pink polish
▪ I used a black and a white striper (by Kiss) to paint the diamonds. Make them small (~2-3mm in height) so you can fit 3 top to bottom without running out of room on the nail. But really, size judgement is up to you (and it depends on how much room you have on your nail).
▪ Then I used a gold glitter striper (by Kiss) to make the other lines. I basically drew Xs crossing through the center of the diamond and make the ends of the Xs meet as you draw them. Those lines should also run parallel/perpendicular to the diamonds themselves.
▪ 1 top coat of Orly Won't Chip (not my favorite, but that's what I used").

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