Sunday, September 20, 2009

straight-line french

[ backlog 12.25.08 ]

Another backlog one~ 2 in one night! Gooooo me :D

Really simple design but I like simple. Good for work and good for going out. Best of both worlds, right? I'm not normally a big fan of this type of polish color on my fingers because it makes me think my skin looks sickly pale or something. I'm sure it's all in my mind ^_- I'd done this style before but I just wanted a chance to play with a new nail color :D It's one I picked up at an H&M in Lisbon (I was on an 11 day cruise on RCCL's Independence of the Seas to parts of Europe and the Canary Islands! It was a fantastic trip. Plus I met my honey while on this one ^_-). The color is H&M's Velvet Touch. The price was something like 2 euros so I figured why not, right? ^_^

duration: 30 mins + a few minutes to pick the colors to use

▪ So simple, I'd say anyone can do this one.
▪ The gems didn't last long for me for this set b/c again, I didn't put a top coat! Get off my case, people... :P I just didn't know better, at the time! ^_-
▪ If I want my french manicures to look really clean I use sheer & pale colors so that my real nail color doesn't distract from whatever shade I'm using on the tips. (e.g. Orly's Sheer Nude)

▪ 1 coat Orly Bonder
▪ 1 coat of something sheer by Orly. The label fell off already. >.< but it might actually have been Orly's Sheer Nude.
▪ 1 coat diagonally on the tips from one side to slightly past center of my nail OPI's Sephora polish in "And Then He Said..."
▪ 1 coat diagonally on the tips from the other side to slightly past center of my nail which overlays the other diagonal side in H&M's Velvet Touch
▪ criss-cross Kiss's white striper following the angle of the diagonal layers just painted
▪ 1 dab of Orly Bonder just below where the 2 tip colors meet
▪ 1 7ss Golden Shadow Swarovski rhinestone where you put a dab of Bonder.

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