Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nino helped with this one

My boyfriend often laughs at/with me (but it's mostly at me) b/c I love to do my nails. He says "It's just cute that you are so dedicated to doing your nails." In truth, I love doing my nails but my life doesn't revolve around doing them (is that some sort of nail blog blasphemy or what?). So even thought I do them as often as I can, sometimes I just get lazy or feel uninspired. So lately, my nails have been half-assed b/c I don't feel like getting complicated.

Here's a set I did while Nino was on vacation and visiting me. I asked him what color: he said "pink". I asked him what kind of design: he said "stripes. Then I said the set looked boring, so I added glitter (my own decision!) then I asked how it looked: he said "needs something... more." I let him choose the gems! and I knew I wanted stars. And in the end, the result is what you see below.

The base pink and stripe design I've used before: Disneyland Is Cute

+ OPI's Tutti Frutti Tonga
+ light pink striper by Art Club
+ irridescent glitter striper by Art Club
+ Art Club nail art sprinkles in black stars
+ Swarovski flatback rhinestones (7ss Jonquil, 5ss Crysolite, 5ss Blue Zircon)

the best neutral shade ever

How I met the best neutral shade ever.
by Chellie

I was browsing Amazon for some konad plates that might be on the cheap (okay almost!) and I found some misc sellers that were selling OPI polishes for $3! of course it's too good to be true b/c each item's shipping cost was $3. But c'mon $6 for OPI polish! So I had to do some research while I browsed through the seller's shop b/c it's hard to tell with some photos, right? The color might be misrepresented or completely the wrong shade. But I came across Tickle My France-y and, as usual, I was sold on the name! A few blogs had done some nice polish reviews on it so I decided to take a chance.

And now I have it.. and I LOVE it! soft and pretty. *sigh*

polish: OPI Tickle My France-y (Le Collection de France)
fauxnad plate: bm08 (bundle monster plates on amazon) (review of bundle monster's plates from
konad polish: China Glaze 2030 (Khrome Collection)
extras: 5ss AB Crystal Swarovski flatback rhinestone

paisley-d out

backlog warning! lol~

As soon as my new konad plates had arrived I was dying to try the paisley design but I didn't know what to do with it that would be subtle enough for work. (I do occasionally get comments on how bright my nails can be :P) Then I'd ordered China Glaze 2030 and Devotion for the purpose of konading. LOVE them! Like all other polish blogs have said, the Khrome collection is perfect for konad. No lie. It looks so lovely!

I cheated a little with the base color. It's actually China Glaze Love Letters which is this really soft and transucent peach color. TOO translucent. I had to toss in some opaque white to the bottle to make the color wearable/noticeable/visible. But the color turned out nice.

polish: China Glaze Love Letters (plus some white to add opacity)
konad plate: m60
konad polish: China Glaze 2030