Sunday, September 20, 2009

white lace

[ backlog 06.15.08 ]

Need to catch up on backlogged nails! So here's another oldie~

Someone at my old ballroom studio had commented that this set would be a great wedding nail set :) This was the first and only time I've done a hand painted lace design. It was quite a bit of work and it still looked a bit messy.

duration: 40 mins - the lace took a while

▪ really simple in design but manually painting lace is a bit tedious. -_-
▪ I didn't use a good top coat on this one so it didn't last long. :/
▪ I don't think I even own this nail polish color anymore (Colorama Chill The Champagne)

▪ 1 coat Orly Bonder
▪ 2 coats Maybelline Colorama Chill The Champagne
▪ 1 coat in a diagonal line across the nail (french manicure style) in OPI's Bride's Bouquet
▪ used a small thin brush (this is the one I used prior to getting a thin brush with shorter bristles) dipped in OPI's Bride's Bouquet to make half circles next to the french manicure line
▪ used a bobby pin end (because it has the rubber protective end that's rounded) dipped in OPI's Bride's Bouquet to make the dots for the lace. I have since bought a dotting tool that works just fine and I've gone back to using bobby pins strictly for my hair ^_-

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