Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nino helped with this one

My boyfriend often laughs at/with me (but it's mostly at me) b/c I love to do my nails. He says "It's just cute that you are so dedicated to doing your nails." In truth, I love doing my nails but my life doesn't revolve around doing them (is that some sort of nail blog blasphemy or what?). So even thought I do them as often as I can, sometimes I just get lazy or feel uninspired. So lately, my nails have been half-assed b/c I don't feel like getting complicated.

Here's a set I did while Nino was on vacation and visiting me. I asked him what color: he said "pink". I asked him what kind of design: he said "stripes. Then I said the set looked boring, so I added glitter (my own decision!) then I asked how it looked: he said "needs something... more." I let him choose the gems! and I knew I wanted stars. And in the end, the result is what you see below.

The base pink and stripe design I've used before: Disneyland Is Cute

+ OPI's Tutti Frutti Tonga
+ light pink striper by Art Club
+ irridescent glitter striper by Art Club
+ Art Club nail art sprinkles in black stars
+ Swarovski flatback rhinestones (7ss Jonquil, 5ss Crysolite, 5ss Blue Zircon)

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