Wednesday, June 9, 2010

playa del carmen 2010

Couldn't think of what to paint for my vacation coming up this weekend. gonna be with family and it'll be craziness! 17 of us in 3 villas at the Royal Haciendas! woohooo!
Wanted something that would be easy to manage (ex. no gems to fall off). This polish design started with metallic lime green and the same pastel yellow... but then it looked too Carnival-ish. So I went with the pink as it was a generally softer color. I actually chose to wear yellow nails for my last trip to Playa del Carmen with my family too. lol.

Man... I need a tan. :P

Base Color: a nude color from Orly... not sure what it's called. Might be "Sheer Nude"

Tip Color
: OPI's Italian Love Affair, OPI's Banana Bandana
Striper: Gold glitter from Art Club (b/c the glitter was finer than Kiss's version of the gold glitter striper.

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