Thursday, March 11, 2010

swirled roses v 1.0

my first attempt at a new style of flowers. I scanned the tutorial out of the magazine but I haven't uploaded that. I'll get to it later. I've seen this done a few times in examples in the nail magazines I picked up but finally, one of the magazines had a simple photo tutorial to show how it's done. So here's my first attempt at it. I actually started out with the plain polish a few days before and then finally decided to add something fun ^_^

♥ duration: 15-20 mins (not including polish time.. while watching Apollo do qualification rounds on TV)

♥ colors/steps for polish:
▪ Orly Bonder
▪ base color: OPI's Italian Love Affair
▪ in addition, on one hand I did a second color coat using Winmax Pink Diamond polish to give it a bit of snowy glitter.

♥ colors/steps for flowers:
▪ 1 drop of white acrylic craft paint using a dotting tool where I want the roses to be.
▪ 2 smaller drop of magenta acrylic paint in the middle of each white drop. (purchased the magenta paint ages ago at Mitsuwa near the makeup section)
▪ Use a thin brush to gently swirl (not mix) the paint together. I went in both directions (CW and CCW) and if necessary, added a tiny amount extra of white or magenta paint depending on how the flower was looking.
▪ I'd recommend doing each nail one at a time so the paint won't dry out when you're trying to swirl the paint.
▪ paint green leaves with any green acrylic craft paint. (I use the green in one of this kiddie sets that's all stuck together. (something like the paint included in these things). I've probably had those sets for years and since I rarely open them, they're still usable.

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