Monday, December 7, 2009

Coral Plaid - Mar 8, 2009

Inspired by Nail Up Magazine. I like this one a lot and I often got a lot of compliments on how cute it was. I should try one like this again...

♥ duration: 60 mins (probably...)

♥ colors/steps:
▪ Orly Bonder
▪ pearly cream color for base color (can't remember what it is.. will have to look)
▪ tip color: Orly Lola
▪ white stripes first, then black stripes surrounding white stripes
▪ gold glitter striperin between the black and white groupings
▪ silver glitter striper for a bit of flash along the manicure line.
▪ set with random pink and white gems and pearls of varying sizes along french manicure line. I opted not to do every fingernail with gems since it looks too heavy for me. So I just chose the ring fingers. All other fingers have silver glitter striper as substitute.

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